I  spent my devotional time yesterday morning in Psalm 105 and noticed something curious. The Psalmist says that Joseph was “sent ahead of them”–an apostle (apostle means “sent one”).  But the result of that sending was Joseph being sold into slavery, his feet bloodied from shackles, his neck in an iron collar: “The word of the Lord tested him.”
Then in a time of great need, the king sent for him because he was told that Joseph had a skill set that would benefit the Pharaoh. Next thing you know, Joseph is set free, master of the household of Pharaoh, and ruler over all the possessions of the king. Jacob’s entire family is saved as a result, and eventually, Jesus is born from the womb of one of Jacob’s descendants.
Do you suppose if we asked Joseph in retrospect if it was worth it, he would say, “Of course!”?
Some of us are going through tough days. Our God is good and makes all things work together for good for those that love Him.
In the end, will we be able to say that our current woes were all worth it? That God made it work out, and gloriously?
Of course.
Live in Love!