So, we (DaySpring) are about ready to become grandparents.
When you “daughter” a church, it is pretty great. But when your “daughter” church “daughters” a church – even better.
That is about ready to happen in Vicksburg. Foundry is planting a church in the old Nazarene church building there. We can help. We NEED to help. You will find out how in the announcement below. It would be wonderful if twenty or more of us could participate next weekend and leave materials door-to-door, doing our DaySpring part to ensure a healthy “delivery” of Foundry Vicksburg on their launch Sunday.
Are you up for it? Let many of us say “Yes!”  Be in prayer for the new parents.
And, of course, the grandparents.

Live in Love!

Foundry Vicksburg, our “granddaughter” church plant, launches on Sunday, September 17. On Saturday, Sept. 9, Foundry will be distributing door hangers in Vicksburg neighborhoods to publicize this new congregation, and they need our help! The group will be gathering at 3428 Wisconsin Ave in Vicksburg at 9:00 a.m. and will wrap up at noon. DaySpringers helped with a similar project before Foundry launched in Flowood. Let’s show up again and reach another community for Jesus!